Startup of the Month: Inalto Technologies

A previous Experts in Teamwork group has become a startup on a mission to help reduce the problem of tremor in hands.

The Engage Podcast

Engage has released its first podcast episode!

Student ideas to the world’s rescue

Student teams developed business ideas that target the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Babson Challenge Local Finale.

Get Ready for JASUN

For the fifth time, Spark arranges Join A Startup-night(JASUN). At JASUN, students can find a startup to join and mingle to meet others that are interested in innovation.

Engage – Centre for Engaged Education trough Entrepreneurship, develops entrepreneurship education for all disciplines at the higher education level

Engage ambitions is to ensure that the ability to identify new opportunities, the will to act upon these opportunities, and the knowledge to acquire the resources and skills needed to innovate for the better, becomes fundamental elements in all disciplines at the higher education level..

Engage calls for a change in how universities educate students in entrepreneurial skills that can prepare them for important roles as change agents in business and society.

Engage develops education methods and materials on entrepreneurship, advises on the implementation of entrepreneurship in all disciplines at the higher education level and facilitates cooperation and networking. Student engagement is key for developing a center for excellence in education, and the students are involved in designing and testing new teaching methods in various contexts.

Engage has a strong research group connected to the centre, including ten PhD candidates. Through research, Engage seeks to generate new knowledge about how to teach entrepreneurial skills in various disciplines.

Engage was founded in 2017, and is a consortium consisting of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, Nord University Business School, NTNU Experts in Teamwork, TrollLABS and Spark NTNU.

This consortium contributes with variations in action-based, challenge-based and experience-based learning models as a basis for interdisciplinary interactions and complementary skills and approaches. This is a strong foundation for developing entrepreneurial skills among students in different disciplines.

The centre host is NTNU faculty of economics and management.


Startup of the month – Podcast: Inalto Technologies

In the following podcast we talk to Experts in Team based startup Inalto Technologies. They are developing an exciting bracelet to fight shaking in tremor patients. In this episode of the Engage-cast they share their experiences and challenges with starting a...

The NTNU signature course

Through experienced-based learning the students are to get a meta perspective on interdisciplinary teamwork. But what makes Experts in Teamwork so valuable?

The Journey 2018

For the third year in a row NTNU and Engage will be hosting the Journey, Europe's largest summer school for sustainable business ideas. During two weeks at NTNU, about 40 international students will get lectures and workshops in business development, design thinking,...

Travelogue 3: Boston University

Ingrid and Martine write about their magical summer at Boston University in a ten week accelerated entrepreneurship program through Gründerskolen!