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We work to increase the number of students in Norway and around the world with entrepre­neurial skills and the mindset to become change agents for the better.



Inspired to improve healthcare

Entrepreneurship education engaging students to improve healthcare! By Gunn-Berit Neergård, researcher at SFU Engage In august, the graduate students of nursing education at NTNU were invited to participate in a three-day innovation camp. The students were introduced to innovation, entrepreneurship, authentic challenges by industry actors and collaborative team work. The camp ended with a pitch...
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15th September 2022

Building Spark* Split

In March 2022 we had the chance to attend Spark* Split’s very first kick-off event. This was Sparks first real chance to meet the rest of the University, and to introduce the Spark concept to all students and faculty at the university. By Ingeborg Sofie Bogen Spark* Split was started this fall as a part...
4th June 2022

Join Engage and Element Logic for a design sprint next Tuesday

Are you passionate about disruptive innovation & business models? Are you interested in robotics, automation & cutting-edge tehcnologies? Join Engage and Element Logic for a design sprint next Tuesday. Register through the QR code, lunch and dinner will be served
28th April 2022

NTNU Student Investor Day: 29. April 2022

Engage and NTNU School of Entrepreneurship announces this year's event the 29th of April. One lucky winner will also be invited to join Stage Two, the first pan-European competition for the best startups spinning out of leading European universities.
22nd March 2022

Stage two: Succeeding in the entrepreneurial world

The biggest benefit of winning Stage two is not just the money and interests, although that is important for future growth, but it gives the project credibility and make us known in all of Europe, and the affirmation itself is what is most important for Aviant.
6th December 2021

The need for innovation in the transportation sector

When talking to the people who build and facilitate transportation in Norway, an overwhelming majority say that they need innovative and entrepreneurial competence in the industry, leader of Konnekt Basit Mohammad says.
17th November 2021
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