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We work to increase the number of students in Norway and around the world with entrepre­neurial skills and the mindset to become change agents for the better.



Engage Talks – digital concept from Engage

Engage talk is new concept on Facebook that Engage is trying out. The concept is a digital series in the field of entrepreneurship where we highlight current topics that can be useful for professionals, experts and businesses. The goal is to connect these different actors.
9th March 2021
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The roadblocks towards entrepreneurship

– A lot of students with a background in social science might not believe their field is relevant for the innovative community, saysBenjamin Bekken. He is creating a startup as a social science student. By Stine Vedvik On September 30th, Spark* hosted their annual Join a Startup Night (JASUN). This is an event for student...
8th October 2021

Blir du den nye kjerneressursen i teamet bak vår neste suksess?

Element Logic inviterer til workshop og testing av innovative løsninger for fremtiden den 20. oktober mellom 09.00 – 17.00 i Gruva på Gløshaugen. Element Logic vil bli et av de ledende teknologiselskapene innenfor automatisering og robotisering, og de trenger ditt bidrag på veien. Påmelding innen 15. oktober. Åpent for alle studenter på NTNU. Element Logic...
7th October 2021

Grønsj: A workshop in circular economy

To solve a problem, you must be able to really see the problems around you, that is the essence of design thinking. – I think the problems arounds circular economy and reusable products are often overlooked, but I feel it is very important to focus on.
6th October 2021

Student Investor Day 2021

The Mine has just opened, and we are here to find the gold.This is what Pro-Rector at NTNU, Toril Nagelhus Hernes said at this year’s Student Investor Day.
27th September 2021

Can we evaluate entrepreneurship education?

Entrepreneurship education is too complex to only rely on one outcome measure. It is time to rethink our view on assessment. By Torgeir Aadland, Co-director Engage and Associate Professor, NTNU The popularity of action-based, authentic and self-directed entrepreneurship education is prominent in many educational systems around the world today. Some entrepreneurship education implements and utilises...
Educators, Research
15th September 2021
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