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We work to increase the number of students in Norway and around the world with entrepre­neurial skills and the mindset to become change agents for the better.



Engage Talks – digital concept from Engage

Engage talk is new concept on Facebook that Engage is trying out. The concept is a digital series in the field of entrepreneurship where we highlight current topics that can be useful for professionals, experts and businesses. The goal is to connect these different actors.
21st July 2020
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Creating new opportunities

For the second time, NTNU and Engage offers an online course in entrepreneurship and business development. The course was held for the first time this summer and the experiences have been great.
Educators, Student
8th October 2020
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Reflection as a practice in Entrepreneurship Education

Reflective thinking could help our students learn more by connecting their experiences with theory and incorporate their learning into future tasks. Why and how can we integrate reflective thinking into our educational activities?
4th September 2020

Trondheim Slush’D 2021: From Startup To Scaleup

Earlier this year, we in the Trondheim Slush’D team set out on the task of identifying the challenges Norwegian Entrepreneurs face, in hope of singling out a concrete problem, an area to target and address.
3rd November 2020
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