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Reflection as a practice in Entrepreneurship Education

Reflective thinking could help our students learn more by connecting their experiences with theory and incorporate their learning into future tasks. Why and how can we integrate reflective thinking into our educational activities?
4th September 2020

Trondheim Slush’D 2020: From Startup To Scaleup

Earlier this year, we in the Trondheim Slush’D team set out on the task of identifying the challenges Norwegian Entrepreneurs face, in hope of singling out a concrete problem, an area to target and address.
24th July 2020

How to become an entrepreneur in a week

This book is written for these teachers, program managers and university administrators. By reading this book, they will learn how eleven other European universities decided to solve this task and learn from their experiences.
Educators, Research
18th June 2020

Engage Talk Recap: Entrepreneurship and gender

Maiken Nilsen Stensaker and Gry Alsos from Engage address an important theme, entrepreneurship and gender. Together with former entrepreneur Anita Skog from Innovation Norway and entrepreneur Lisbeth Bjerva, they discuss what it looks like today and whether we are on the right track.
16th June 2020
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The expansion of Spark*

During the past two years Spark* has expanded with units at Nord University and Chalmers University of Technology. Now even more students have the opportunity to pursue their business ideas with help from other students with startup experience.
7th September 2020

Working for more women in entrepreneurship

The main goal for Kvinneprosjektet is to show female students the opportunities within entrepreneurship and inspire them to pursue an entrepreneurial career, regardless of discipline or background.
4th June 2020