DIKU and the SFU’s – two days of important discussions

The 21st and 22nd of October, Engage and Excited hosted the biannual DIKU gathering for The Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU)

By Rebecca Amalie Skogø

All of the SFU’s in Norway is funded by DIKU (Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education), and each year the 8 current centre within this prestigious national initiative for higher education, gather for a couple of days each semester for discussions, academic refill and social happenings. This semester NTNU was the host of this important happening, in the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Fram.

Monday 21st of October

Monday started out in the student spirit with a “student meeting” with representatives from the different centres. At this meeting the students discussed how they worked with the centres, how to claim a position, as well as the students from Excited and Engage shared some of their projects they are currently working on.

As several of the SFU’s have travelled to come to Trondheim for this meeting, the main meeting started out with a welcome introduction of each centre with a short presentation of what each centre is currently applying to their work that they are particularly proud of. This included everything from student initiative, research being executed, and new models of teaching.

Continuing the day, Center Director Øystein Widding and representatives from Engage gave a workshop in entrepreneurial mindset with an educational teamwork exercise showing how much both cooperation and individuality play a role in success – a task that is relevant no matter what sector you work in.

The last part of the day was used to discuss both the annual report and the half-way evaluation many of the centres are soon facing, and how to best tackle this enormous task they are about to embark. Interesting discussions and opinions where voiced, leaving everyone with many new thoughts. The day ended in a social and intimate dinner at Scandic Lerkendal.

Tuesday 22nd of October

Day two startet 09:00, bright and early! Torgny Roxå from Lund University and Oddfrid Førland from University of Bergen talked about how to document cultural change, and in what degree it can be documented.

The later part of the morning was used to sharing experiences and collaboration. Different tables were presented with different discussions about Teaching Methodology, Entrepreneurial mindset, Evaluation Framework, Cultural change in higher education, and “The word is free”.

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