The first doctoral thesis from Engage

After four years of working with his PhD thesis, Torgeir Aadland is ready to defend his thesis “Assessment of Entrepreneurship Education: Design, Learning and Objectives”. 

By Anniken Sanna

Aadland describes the last four years as fun, and that the great relationships he has with his coworkers at Engage has made the journey a lot easier. “It’s been some long and hard days, of course. It’s not easy to write a doctorate. But it has been four really interesting years. I would probably do it again”, Aadland says while smiling. 

Are you nervous about the defence? 

“I’m starting to feel a little bit nervous now. It’s a lot to prepare before the trial lecture, but I think it will be fine. The questioning afterward, on the other hand, may be the most challenging part. It’s hard to prepare because you never know what they will ask.”

Torgeir Aadland holding his thesis
Torgeir Aadland says the last four years have been really interesting.  

From the summary 

This thesis explores the assessment of entrepreneurship education. The focus in the thesis is placed on educational design, where student involvement and the students’ real-world interaction stand central since both factors are expected to influence student learning. These two factors and their influence are also expected to affect the assessment of entrepreneurship education, although this is simultaneously depending on the specific objectives of various educational programmes and the assessment methods being applied.

The thesis contributes to entrepreneurship education assessment literature with knowledge about the potential influences of educational design and contextual influences on the assessment results. This thesis also contributes with knowledge and insights about how education in entrepreneurship and its assessment should be designed with respect to student involvement and students’ interaction with the real-world.

Open for the public

On the day of his defence he will hold a trial lecture where he will be talking about issues to consider when designing entrepreneurship courses that include interaction with real-world actor. Then the defence of the thesis will be held. This happens on Friday the 22 November from 10:15am at Disputasrommet, main building, campus Gløshaugen, and will be open for the public. 

All of Engage wish him good luck and congratulation on completing his PhD-degree!