Stimulating best practice sharing for Entrepreneurship Education

Networks for Venture Creation Programmes worldwide and Entrepreneurship Educators in Norway

By Eirik Medbø, Innovation Manager

An important part of Engage’s vision is to work towards better practices within Entrepreneurship Education. And in order to do that, we need to combine our own learnings with insights from other experts in Norway and around the world. Read about and join the networks where we share and learn from each other!

Engage has worked to establish two networks for educators within the fieled of Entrepreneurship; the VCP Forum and the Norwegian Forum for Entrepreneurship Education.

VCP Forum – for Venture Creation Programmes

The VCP Forum involves educators and initiatives for Venture Creation Programmes – study programmes where students actively learn through starting their own ventures while studying. One of the Engage partners – the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, is an example of such a programme. The VCP Forum currently involves around 20 institutions worldwide.

Do you work with a Venture Creation Programme and want to get involved? Contact Even Larsen for more information.

Norwegian Forum for Entrepreneurship Education

The Norwegian Forum for Entrepreneurship Education is a network for educators and researchers within Entrepreneurship Education within higher education in Norway. It includes a wide variety of Universities and University Colleges, and a different ways of teaching entrepreneurship, to students from within business, technology and creative industry disciplines. It currently includes educators from around 12 Norwegian institutions.

Do you work with Entrepreneurship Education at a Norwegian University or University College? Join our Facebook group to get involved, or contact Eirik Medbø to get an invitation to the network.