Gründerbrakka: – A great initiative that facilitates the development of knowledge-based business ideas

 Since the spring of 2018 Gründerbakka have been taking in students who have innovating ideas and gives them offices to make their businesses. Gründerbrakkas purpose is to provide work space for the most ambitious student driven startup companies at NTNU

If you want to work on your own business after graduation this is the place you should be. As a member of the Gründerbrakka, an office space is also allocated which makes it more efficient for a start-up company from a university environment to work together as a team in a critical development phase, says Simen.

Simen Roel Kalfstad is the new managing director of Gründerbrakka. He started this fall after he himself started a business while he was a student at NTNU.

A social place

Gründerbrakka is meant to function as a transition between being a student and a full time entrepreneur. Previously, startups had to rent offices or move between group rooms at NTNU – now there is a designated space where they can stay in up to a year. Each semester new businesses started by students at NTNU can apply for an office at Gründerbrakka. Gründerbrakka does not only offer office space for the student-started businesses, but also a place where you meet and socialize with other students with innovative ideas. 

There is always someone here, so no matter when you come it is social and a good place to develop your business further, Simen says. 

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Meet some of the startups


Goalkeeper is a workout web-app that allows individuals or groups to set an activity goal and then bet money on accomplishing this. Those who fail to accomplish the goal lose the bet, those who complete their goal wins the money. Their goal is to give the whole world an extra push up from the couch. 

Everyone at Gründerbarra is engaged. The office places helps us to establish a network in the innovative environment, which makes Gründerbrakka a unique place to be, says Trym Sandvik Nordgaard from Goalkeeper.

Learn more about Goalkeeper here.


Costail are creating technical cosplay accessories. Their first product is the world’s first electric autonomous tail. The tail moves automatically, adding movement and life to the cosplay outfit.

Here at Gründerbrakka we become part of a larger innovative environment which is very useful. Everyone helps each other, Vetle Sagsvold Øien says. 

Vetle Sagsvold Øien from Costail shows the electric tail. When a customer buys the tail, they can choose their own fabric and design. This makes the tail fit all costumes. 


Learn more about Costail here.

Metaito and Factsplat 

Metaito is a young software development company that focuses on combining information into lasting knowledge. Metatio have developed the platform Factsplat. Factsplat is a platform for organizing and sharing information and tools on the internet.  

The office spaces at Gründerbrakka makes it easier to develop our company and work more efficiently, says Svenn-Helge Vatne from Metaito. 

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