Get engaged with Engage

We have the power and will to change your way of study, influence the teaching methods and connect you with the market labour and everyday life that is to come.

By Felix Seifert

So why should you know about us? Well, if the preamble above didn’t catch your attention, let me try to explain it this way: At Engage we are working to renew the way of study to meet the future challenges of the world. That requires engaged students, as some may refer to as change agents, and professors with an open mind for innovation and new thinking.

You may wonder what I mean by engaged students? Or you might be a professor thinking your way of education has worked for many years, so why make changes? Well, let me start at the beginning with Engage and my role in this project.

A tiny student in higher education

Engage is one of eight centres for Excellence in Education, supported by NOKUT. As a common goal, the centres want to engage the students in their own education. Some of them focus on education through music, others on biology or math.

What distinguish Engage from the other centres, is the fact that we try to change the whole educational system towards innovational thinking rather than a specific discipline. Take me as an example. A student within the field of media and communication at NTNU Dragvoll. How can Engage possibly help me with my area of research that has nothing to do with innovation and entrepreneurship?

My courses is falling behind on both theory and practice regarding the market labour of 2018. Therefore, I’m currently working to renew the classes available with support from Engage. As project leader Frode Halvorsen at Engage once said: “When the students feel a sense of ownership to their own education, they become engaged. That creates a drive that turns them into change agents for their own learning outcomes”.

In that regard, I’m becoming a change agent for my own education and learning. With Engage, I’m positive that I can influence the content of my education to meet the requirements met by today’s society.

At the core of Engage

The highway to innovation and entrepreneurship isn’t done over the night. Engage has several PhD students set out to research on how to influence the higher educational system. A big part of this research field are the consortium consisting of five partners: NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE), NTNU Experts in Teamwork (EiT), Nord University Business School, TrollLABS and Spark NTNU.

If one are to argue that Engage has a specific discipline of study, that would be NSE. They can be described as the discipline that educates students into entrepreneurs. Their main goal is to give students a tool box with an entrepreneurial-mindset. When you combine NSE with the other partners, or vice versa, you widen the discipline into a whole new field of research.

EiT is compulsory for all master’s students at NTNU, regardless of faculty or campus. It’s both demanding and fun; it is a challenge to work across programme options to solve a problem. The course is similar to Spark with respect to combining theory and practice. The latter is driven by the students themself.

The medium is the message

Our partners makes us whole. They give us the essence of life. Co-operation between students towards problem solving is a key concept shared by all our partners. There doesn’t have to be a conflict between theory and the practical application of theory. This is the kind of entrepreneurial thinking we want to encourage in education.

In january 2018 we will open the media-room at the student hub FRAM. From this spot, the editorial student team at Engage will be the medium that relay the message; either you are a student, professor or working in the business sector. Keep posted on our blog, and stay tuned for our upcoming podcast.

Read more about our consortium:

  • NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) is a two-year master degree program offered by the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, with a focus on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship.
  • Spark is a free mentorship program driven by students for other students at NTNU, interested in starting a company.
  • Nord University provides courses and specializations in entrepreneurship at the Bachelor, MBA, MSc, and PhD levels.
  • Troll Labs is an experimental living lab/workshop which provides three courses with more than 200 students in the area of design thinking and product development, often using experimental project-based teaching.
  • Experts in Teamwork is a compulsory course at NTNU in which students apply their academic competence in interdisciplinary project work to learn collaborative skills that can be transferred to the work place.