Engage – Centre for Engaged Education trough Entrepreneurship, develops entrepreneurship education for all disciplines at the higher education level.

The ambition of Engage is to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills at the higher education level to become change agents in all contexts.

The world is constantly changing, with increasing pace and intensity. These changes have profound consequences for human life—for the climate and environment, technological opportunities, business practices, public policy, safety, education, and society as a whole.

This complex environment calls for citizens who have the ability to identify challenges, the will to act upon these challenges, the knowledge to acquire the resources and skills needed and the confidence to be the driving force for change, regardless of resistance. These people are the agents of change, the entrepreneurs, willing and able to make changes, engaging challenges with creativity and fearlessness.

The ambition of Engage is to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills at the higher education level to become change agents in all contexts.

Our ambission

Engage ambitions is to ensure that the ability to identify new opportunities, the will to act upon these opportunities, and the knowledge to acquire the resources and skills needed to innovate for the better, becomes fundamental elements in all disciplines at the higher education level.

We call for a change in how universities educate students in entrepreneurial skills that can prepare them for important roles as change agents in business and society.

Engage develops education methods and materials on entrepreneurship, advises on the implementation of entrepreneurship in all disciplines at the higher education level and facilitates cooperation and networking. Student engagement is key for developing a center for excellence in education, and the students are involved in designing and testing new teaching methods in various contexts.

Engage has a strong research group connected to the centre, including ten PhD candidates. Through research, Engage seeks to generate new knowledge about how to teach entrepreneurial skills in various disciplines.


NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) is a two-year master degree program offered by the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, with a focus on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship.

NSE´s vision is to educate the best business developers in the world, and the purpose is twofold:
To provide a state-of-the-art educational program to students seeking a career within entrepreneurship and commercialization of technology.

To contribute to the commercialization of ideas from the technology community at NTNU and other innovation communities.

Established in 1985, Nord University Business School has grown continuously and is today the leading educator of management personnel to the business community in Northern Norway.

Nord University Business School provides courses and specializations in entrepreneurship at the Bachelor, MBA, MSc, and PhD levels, and has a strong research community within the field of entrepreneurship.

Spark* NTNU is a mentoring service by and for students with a business idea. It is a free service for all students at NTNU were they can register their idea and get appointed a student mentor that will help them reach the next step to try to help bring the idea to life.

The main goal of Spark is to introduce as many students as possible to the idea that commercialization of an idea is possible.

TrollLABS is a research and prototyping laboratory, established in 2014. In time of technological and social discontinuities, the capability of a company to generate radical new products, services and systems becomes critical.

TrollLABS is aiming at understanding the development of radical new ideas in the very early phases of product development – the early fuzzy front end.

Experts in Teamwork (EiT) is a master’s degree course in which students develop their interdisciplinary teamwork skills. The course is compulsory for all students in master’s programmes and programmes of professional study at NTNU.

Together these five partners contribute with variations in action-based, challenge-based and experience-based learning models as a basis for interdisciplinary interactions and complementary skills and approaches. This is a strong foundation for developing entrepreneurial skills among students in different disciplines. The centre host is NTNU faculty of economics and management.

Work Packages

The centre has management group and is organized in five Work Packages (WP).


WP1 explores in depth the elements that characterize collaborative skills in interdisciplinary teams, methods for acquiring collaborative skills in an experience-based context, and ways of assessing these skills among students. The main objectives of WP1 are to develop methods and approaches to develop students’ interdisciplinary teamwork skills, and also challenge students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and engage in entrepreneurial behaviour.


The main objective of WP2 is to develop interactive methods for students to develop products for venture creation, e.g. through design thinking or rapid prototyping and solving real problems with business potential, and to encourage students to more quickly test their ideas for commercial activity and potentially become entrepreneurs.


WP3 will identify, map and describe leading venture creation programs using an action-based approach,i.e. teaching “through” entrepreneurship as opposed to “about” entrepreneurship or “for” entrepreneurship. The mapping of best practices will be related to organization, content, student engagement and output. Even though the focus is on specialized entrepreneurship education and sharing of methods with other programs seeking venture creation as an output, a key issue will be how these programs can contribute to a permanent change of mindset in broader groups of students.


WP4 seek to benefit from the coordination gains from WP1-WP3. WP4 focus on entrepreneurship in different contexts and on finding appropriate approaches for introducing action components in different disciplines and professions that can stimulate students’ entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.


WP5 will orchestrate the resources and projects in Engage and create a common ground by gathering, combining and accumulating knowledge, and identifying the needs for additional knowledge with regard to developing students’ entrepreneurial skills. The main objective of WP5 is therefore to document and evaluate the activities in Engage, but also to assemble the knowledge to create and disseminate a comprehensive knowledgebase regarding entrepreneurship education

The Management Group

Roger Sørheim

Roger Sørheim

Center Leader

Frode Halvorsen

Frode Halvorsen

Center Coordinator

Ela Sjølie

Ela Sjølie

Leader WP1

Martin Steinert

Martin Steinert

Leader WP2

Øystein Widding

Øystein Widding

Leader WP3

Gry Alsos

Gry Alsos

Leader WP4

Kari Djupdal

Kari Djupdal

Leader WP5

Torgeir Adland

Torgeir Adland

PhD student

Synne M. Sollie

Synne M. Sollie


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Gamle Fysikk, 3rd floor


Gamle Fysikk, 3rd floor

Troll Labs

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