About Engage

Engage will develop education for students from all disciplines and professions who will constantly challenge accepted truths and innovate for the better, in both private and public sectors.


NTNU School of Entrepreneurship is a two-year master degree program with a focus on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship.

Nord University provides courses and specializations in entrepreneurship at the Bachelor, MBA, MSc, and PhD levels.

Spark* is a free mentorship program for students at NTNU who are interested in starting a company.

Troll Labs is an experimental living lab/workshop which provides three courses with more than 200 students in the area of design thinking and product development, often using experimental project-based teaching.

Eksperter i Team is a compulsory course at NTNU in which students apply their academic competence in interdisciplinary project work to learn collaborative skills that can be transferred to the work place.

Work Packages

Developing collaborative skills in interdisciplinary teams

Teamwork is about being creative and efficient together. Individuals must learn to understand their own unique contribution to a group to further develop their collaborative skills. Engage explores in depth the elements that characterize collaborative skills in interdisciplinary teams, methods for acquiring collaborative skills in an experience-based context, and ways of assessing these skills among students.

Venture creation methods in a research setting

Design thinking and prototyping are central to the success of new product innovations, and various formal and informal learning loops are fundamental to better understand and leverage this early phase. Engage will enhance understanding and application of early-stage tangible and intangible learning principles, particularly related to creating, ideating, testing and learning from human–human, human–object and object–object interactions. Engage will develop teaching methods that enable students to generate more innovative solutions faster.

Development of venture creation programs

Engage will identify, map and describe leading venture creation programs using an action-based approach, i.e. teaching “through” entrepreneurship as opposed to “about” entrepreneurship or “for” entrepreneurship. The mapping of best practices will be related to organization, content, student engagement and output. Even though the focus is on specialized entrepreneurship education and sharing of methods with other programs seeking venture creation as an output, a key issue will be how these programs can contribute to a permanent change of mindset in broader groups of students.

Increase the number of students with entrepreneurial mind-sets and skills

Engage will create new teaching methods in entrepreneurship education, teamwork courses and product development, thereby increasing students’ engagement in their own field of study. Students will develop and apply their knowledge in a variety of field-specific contexts for the rest of their working lives. Engage will develop the tools for transforming the teaching in different study programs into more action- and practice-based approaches.

Documentation, research and dissemniation of knowledge

Engage will orchestrate the resources and projects and create a common ground by combining knowledge, accumulating knowledge, and identifying the needs for complementary knowledge. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the knowledge base, Engage will document short-and long-term effects of the use of innovative learning methods in various contexts.

Where you can find us

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Sentralbygg II, 5th floor


Institutt for Industriell Økonomi og Teknologiledelse

Nord University

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Handelshøyskolen i Bodø


Gamle Fysikk, 3rd floor


Gamle Fysikk, 3rd floor

Troll Labs

Verkstedtekniske Laboratorier

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Richard Birkelands vei 2B

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