Why is entrepreneurship so important?

Why is entrepreneurship so important? We asked three of the great minds working at Engage to tell us why they are so passionate about entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is important because it allows us to look for better solutions in all aspects of life.

First up is Gunn-Berit Sæter. She´s a PhD candidate at Engage and research entrepreneurial nursing. She explores how nurses pursue entrepreneurial processes to create value for others, and she especially focus on how nursing students can become entrepreneurial through education.

What is entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship is a process of creating value for others. This value can be both economic, social or environmental. I look at entrepreneurship quite broadly and think that this value creation can happen in new ventures (startups) and in established organizations, both private and public. I have also experienced this myself. I have worked with product development in a technical startup and I have created a new social service through the Norwegian Cancer Society, which is an established non-profit, non-governmental organization.


Why is entrepreneurship important for you?

Entrepreneurship is important because it allows us to look for better solutions in all aspects of life. You can contribute positively to societies by creating a new product, service or procedure that improves the quality of life for people, animals or “mother earth”. Meanwhile, you will probably create jobs and positively influence the economics in your country. I found it motivational to use entrepreneurial processes to create a new service that prevents loneliness among cancer patients living at home. I have also tried to create a new gas detector to help people avoid dangerous gasses in their homes and work-places.


How do you work with entrepreneurship?

I work as a PhD candidate at Engage, meaning that I learn to become a researcher. I perform research projects, take courses and supervise master students. This is a four year process, and I am halfway through. I am a nurse myself, and I use research to figure out how nurses may become entrepreneurial. I think nurses have a huge potential to contribute in entrepreneurial processes, taking part in the development of health care practices, services and products. Nurses possess knowledge, experiences and skills from all aspects of health care. These experiences may serve as an important foundation when exploring needs, problems and new ideas. Thus, nurses can be brilliant entrepreneurs, working in line with their professional identity to create a better health care system.


Gunn-Berit Sæter. Foto: Julie Solem

Foto: Julie Solem

The world is always changing

Second up is Even Haug Larsen who is an assistant professor at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. He is also in charge on the Engage work package 3, where he works to further develop entrepreneurship study programs. 


Createting something new that is valuable for someone else.

Larsen thinks entrepreneurship is important because the the world is always changing and in a changing world we always need to create new products and services. Larsen said that for him entrepreneurship is when someone create something new that is valuable for someone else. And that he works with entrepreneurship because he believes that he can facilitate students to create new products and services that the world actually need.


I believe in the ability of individuals to create positive change

Last but not least is Eirik Medbø. He works as an Innovation Manager at Engage, with the aim to stimulate transfer of research results into practical results. He is currently leading the Train-the-Trainer focus area, aiming to spread educational practices from Engage to educations outside the centre.
What is entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship for me is the ability and motivation to change the «status quo» – seeing and understanding different issues, and test new ways to solve those issues. And, to get the best ideas and impact of those ideas, we need to collaborate – with people that are different from ourselves.

Why is entrepreneurship important for you?

The world we live in is changing rapidly, and we need people that can find ways to respond to and control these changes – in all levels of society. The young generation will for instance have to handle climate change, aging populations, and growing poverty. We haven’t solved these issues with today’s methods, so we need to find new ways to solve them in the future. And the more attempts we do, the higher the chance that we can succeed.

How do you work with entrepreneurship?

I believe in the ability of individuals to create positive change, if we are able to collaborate with each other. But I also believe that we don’t instinctively know how we could contribute – we need to practice through actively trying, again and again. So we as universities need to give their students chances to practice during their education, and to be able to learn from mistakes – just like we do with sports or cultural activities.