VCP Forum goes digital

By Sofie Holtan Lakså

Venture creation programs, VCPs, are educational programs where students have to start their own businesses.

The past year Engage has continued the efforts by Martin Lackéus of putting together a list of universities offering such venture creation programs.

We have gathered data from over 200 entrepreneurship education programs, identifying around 40 VCPs or VCP-like programs globally. We believe that these programs share many of the same challenges. Therefore we are arranging the digital VCP-forum where we can share ideas, tips, and better practices. The content of the forum includes relevant discussions for both practitioners and researchers.  

Digital mini-seminar 2021
When: 14-17 CET, 18 March 2021
Where: Zoom Registration tba

The main vessel for learning

Even Haug Larsen is the project manager for VCP Forum and Assistant Professor at the Venture Creation Program at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE). At NSE, all students start their own businesses. 

We believe that starting a venture is the best way to learn entrepreneurship. The venture is their main vessel for learning

Even Haug Larsen

Engage has received research funding from The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to research which other universities that also offer VCPs. Larsen explains that they are especially interested in the degree to which the students who attend the program intend to start a real company, and to what extent their faculty has the intention for the students to start a real company.

We hope that by sharing and developing best, and better, practice within entrepreneurship education, we can meet, learn from each other, and continue to evolve

Even Haug Larsen

Digital mini-seminar 2021

The fourth VCP-forum was planned to be arranged over two full days in Buckingham, England, in 2020. But due to the pandemic situation we had to postpone. We are therefore arranging a shorter digital forum on the 18th of March.  

The program includes:

  • Presentation of different VCP designs
  • Updated research on the field of VCP
  • Breakup rooms with research and pedagogy discussions related to VCP
  • Networking with other VCPs
  • Research collaborations possibilities