Travelogue: Snowrollers trip to Sweden

by Eva Røgler and Linnea Tveraaen

 Getting ready for international expansion!

We are Linnea and Eva, both students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, and we recently visited Southern Sweden for our startup Snowroller.

The main purpose for the trip was related to the startup, and in that context we visited a new potential partner. The company is a third party logistics provider (3PL) that stores and sends out packages for our company. Because Snowroller want to expand internationally this winter season, we need a 3PL outside of Norway in order to skip toll fees and customs. This visit was important because it is important to build relationships with such partners, and to see for ourselves that the company was serious.


Lund University – An university for entrepreneurship and innovation

After the visit, we went to Lund University in order to learn more about how they work with entrepreneurship. Unfortunately we were not able to meet up with professors or students at the university, but we did get to read about their innovation ecosystem and programs.

Firstly, Lund University has a 1 year master’s program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. When applying to this programme the student elect either the Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation track or the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation track. The former is created
for students that want to start their own company, and the latter is for people who want to work with innovation in already established companies.

Secondly, the university also has an incubator called Ideon Innovation incubator. This is a co-working space where students can work on their ventures and get help to grow their businesses.

This trip was crucial for our company because as we are going to expand to other countries in Scandinavia, we needed a 3PL outside of Norway. After this trip we have established a good relation with our new partner, and are ready to launch our new collection!

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