Travelogue 3: Boston University

Ingrid and Martine are two students from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. In a series of travelogues, they will introduce us to the world of entrepreneurship in Boston as they are finishing their master thesis at the Babson College.

Hey again!

Last summer, we were lucky to participate in a ten week accelerated entrepreneurship program at Boston University (BU) through Gründerskolen. This award winning program gives students hands-on experience in entrepreneurship from either working in their own start-up company or from working as an intern at high-tech start up company in Boston. In addition to getting practical experience, students also get academic knowledge from attending courses at BU. The unique combination of practical and academic knowledge made this a great learning experience for us, and we therefore want to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about BU and all of the wonderful resources this university has to offer.

Martine and Ingrid in front of Questrom School of Business, one of the 17 schools at Boston University.

First of all, did you know that BU is the fourth biggest independent university in the US and is ranked among the top 25 mercantile schools in the world? The university has in fact more than 30 000 students from 130 countries, 17 schools and colleges and 250 fields of study. Entrepreneurship is one of these fields, and can be studied both at undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master) level. Several colleges offers one or two classes in entrepreneurship, such as College of Communication, College of Engineering, School of Hospitality Administration and Metropolitan College, but it is the Questrom School of Business that offers the majority of the entrepreneurship classes.

At undergraduate level, entrepreneurship is a concentration under business development. At graduate level, entrepreneurship can be studied as a full-time or a part-time MBA. As an undergraduate student, you learn about how you can identify opportunities and bring these to market with minimal uncertainties. As a graduate student, you learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and about the analytical frameworks for how you can create a successful business. When we attended BU last summer, we had all of our classes at the Questrom School of Business. The great thing about these classes was that the terminology and material was taught to us through real-life examples and start-up cases. This made the learning experience more interesting and fun.

In addition to offering academic courses, BU has many other great resources within entrepreneurship. The Build Lab is one of these  resources. It is a co-working space which offers a prototyping lab, mentor hours from industry experts, as well as events, programs, courses and competitions. Since we arrived in January, we have attended several events in this space. This has opened up for several opportunities for us, as well as provided us with entrepreneurial inspiration. In addition to the BuildLab, BU has many other resources which can help you realize your business idea. These are the Adlab, BU Spark, EPIC; BUILDS, PHX, PRLab, the Tinker Lab and Student Legal Resources. There are also several clubs which are worth checking out. More information about this can be found at the BuildLab webpage (

Our experience at BU made our summer magical, and we hope that Gründerskolen class of 2018 will enjoy their stay at BU just as much as we did. They have so much to look forward to and we hope that they don’t hesitate to contact us if they have any questions about Boston, BU or anything else ( or We wish you the best of luck!

Gründerskolen class of 2017 at the Red Sox Baseball game.

– Ingrid Skrede and Martine Gripp Bay