The road to VCP Forum 2020

The VCP-forum is held to connect leading institutions teaching entrepreneurship through venture creation.

By Anniken Sanna

A VCP – venture creation program – is a program where students have to start their own businesses. At this year´s VCP Forum ten to fifteen universities who follow the VCP principle gather at Buckingham, England, 6-8 October 2020. 

The main vessel for learning

Even Haug Larsen is the project manager for VCP Forum and assistant professor at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. At NSE, all students start their own businesses. 

We believe that starting a business is the best way to learn about entrepreneurship. Venture is the main vessel for learning

Even Haug Laursen

He explains that it was Martin Lackéus who first started collecting a list of which universities followed the VCP-program. Now Engage has continued his work.

Even Haug Larsen

Engage has received research funding from The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to look at which universities also offer VCPs. Larsen explains that they are interested in the degree to which the students who attend the program intend to start a real company, and to what extent their faculty has an intention that their students will start a real company.

It is through this work of mapping that a group of ten to fifteen universities are gathering at the VCP Forum. In 2020, the fourth version of the VCP Forum will be held. The University of Buckingham will be hosting around 50 people from different universities and discuss research and pedagogy within entrepreneurship.

We hope that by sharing and developing best, and better, practice within entrepreneurship education, we can meet, learn from each other, and continue to evolve

Even Haug Larsen

Student involvement is important

The VCP Forum 2020 will also emphasize student involvement. There will be both students and employees from the universities participating at the VCP Forum. The voice of the students is important, therefore the students´ experience from the forum plays a fundamental part. 

The goal is to bring together those who see the value in having students start their own companies while they are students, with the hope that they will create real companies that have value even after they have graduated.

It is not just education and learning that are created through a VCP, real companies are also created.