The future of the construction industry is digital

Many people think that the construction industry is a conservative one with a focus on manual labor and lacking in innovation and digital technology. “Together with the NTNU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and buildingSMART Norway, we want to change that picture.” explains Frode Halvorsen, Engage project leader of Engage.

From the 13th to 15th October we will be hosting the LivingLab : BIM & IoT Hackathon. The event will occur at FRAM, NTNU. As a student, you will meet key industry players and interact with the newest technology to create future solutions for a sustainable and technology driven environment.

–  We see the contours of the digital shift the construction industry is taking right now and believe that the construction industry will have taken even more of digital shift by in 2025. We will see a transformation to a digital, competitive and sustainable construction industry. States Carl Thodesen, Head of Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at NTNU.

To meet this vision, there will need to be commitment driven focus on education and research within the field of the construction over its lifecyle. This will requires new ideas and innovation, we believe this is best achieved through the creative minds of our students.

–  NTNU has a central position here as approximately 500 students receive an education from our institution annually. The vast majority of our students join the construction industry, therefore we believe that by providing our students with appropriate digital competence we can contribute to that positive change, says Thodesen.

Innovative education

–  The digital and technological revolution is upon us. If the construction industry should manage to go through this restructuring process, implementation models and contract standards have to be made in such way that they substantiate the digital processes and not the other way around. In addition to this, we need to focus on the technology also in the early stages in our projects. Roles and the culture within the industry will change radically in  the coming years. We have to turn away from digital tools into digital processes, and from a solely focus on buildings to also focus on the technology, says Jan Myhre, Project Director Digibygg

As a supporter of student driven innovation, Engage will be expanding the mindset of each student by arranging this event. Frode Halvorsen is happy for the opportunity to participate in the development of Architecture, Engineering and Construction(AEC) Industry.

–  Engage is revising the future of entrepreneurship education. The AEC-industry faces a similar change of process as we do, says Halvorsen.

Experience and knowledge are not gained only by reading books. Engage, which is a consortium consisting of different actors, has a goal to provide activities for students in all disciplines in order to increase the number of students in higher education with entrepreneurial skills.

–  LivingLab hackathon is the first project we do in collaboration with Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and building smart Norway. They are in great need of innovative ideas from the students. Competence that we want to nourish by letting the students work together, Halvorsen explains.

As the hackathon takes place, you will take part in projects which aim to seek solutions for the building industry based on technology and digital trends. A jury of building instructors will announce the best project at the end, with a prize of 10 000 NOK.

We welcome all students at NTNU

This is the start of building an innovation based digital construction community at NTNU and we look forward to seeing you at Living lab Hackathon from the 13th to 15th October. Your help is needed, especially those of you with some knowledge and experience with computing, modeling and programming.

You can join as a single or in groups of three to five person. For more information, contact Frode Halvorsen:

Registrate for the hackathon here.