The First Join A Startup Night of 2019

Spark’s 7th installment of the popular event took place last month at FRAM. It featured several startups from the Class of 2020 from the School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) and other startups from NTNU.

Erik Klevar

Together with TrønderEnergi Spark has since its inception in 2014 guided over 300 startups and over a thousand students. It is an organization driven by students which in itself is impressing considering the work they do for the startups who come searching.

Join A Startup Night, or JASUN for short, is an event that focuses on – you guessed it – recruiting people for startups. Spark chooses ten to twelve startups who will get their two minutes in the spotlight in order to convince potential candidates in the room. More or less 100 people showed up from every corner of NTNU to witness what they could be a part of and what the startups had to offer.

The night started with a personal story by Eva Røgler. The NSE student Eva Røgler shared her experiences and gave the students her perspective on life while telling us about her journey from deciding to apply NSE at 18 and then being admitted at 22.

“When I started in the 2nd year of upper second school the entrepreneur spirit took hold. I found something I loved to do, to run my own business. After that I participated in several events organized by Ungt Entreprenørskap. At one event I was introduced to NSE, got a tour of their premises and got to learn about all the exciting startups who worked there. I didn’t even know what bachelor’s degree I was supposed to take, but I knew at that time I was going for a master’s at NSE. I worked hard and targeted by doing extracurricular activities, work hard in school and joining the startup Daycloud”, Røgler says.

After the first round it was time to mingle and get some snacks. Featuring the familiar student bar and with pizza in hand the students approached those startups who sounded interesting and familiar faces talked with each other. A percentage of people were known figures in the student innovation ecosystem, but it was nice to see several new faces in the crowd. We talked with Eva who gave us her take on JASUN.

You’re currently a student at NSE, a co-founder of Snowroller and employee of Spark. Why did you decide to take the stage tonight and share your experiences?

“It all started when some of my colleagues from Spark* encouraged me to do a talk here. I really wanted to say no because I have stage fright, but there was something in me that said yes. I thought that if I could motivate or inspire another person the night would be worth it. I realized all my efforts when I sat down to write and I really hope I did inspire someone. One thing that I focused on in my talk was to go out of your comfort zone and that’s what I did. I told myself that at least if I could go 20 minutes in front of 100 strangers at least I would be a good example and follow my own advice”.

What is so exciting about the events that Spark organize? Why should people visit and attend events like JASUN?

“Spark* exists so that more students who carry a business idea inside themselves can make it happen. JASUN is a great arena for those who are interested in what kind of startups that move around. I thought there were lots of exciting and promising startups here tonight, especially AnyTimeBed who had a super cool concept! I couldn’t believe that they are only 19 and already have a working prototype”.

Is the startup life for everyone?

“We want to give the little push that makes people at least try and fail. I hope that if someone who’s reading this is curious about the startup life, they do something about it. Send a message to Spark* or participate at events. Take a chance! It might have a bigger impact on your life than you would think”.

These were the startups participating:

  • Rubato
  • Studio Gauntlet
  • InMarket
  • AnyTimeBed
  • Wattero
  • Heligarden
  • Modular Shelving
  • Pineleaf
  • Factsplat
  • Inalto