SLUSH’D 2020 – It´s time we step up our game

By Daniil Liaimer, student at NTNU School of Economics & new organizer of Trondheim Slush’D 2020.

Late November 2019 I had the great opportunity to visit and experience Slush 19 in Helsinki. I imagined it to be a gathering of people with like-minded interests in entrepreneurship and innovation. But what I found was so much more.

Slush is one of the world’s leading startup events, held annually in the Finnish capital Helsinki since 2008. The event brings thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs together with fitting investors and like-minded individuals. A team of 2’400 volunteers manages an event with a total of 25’000 attendees, 3’500 startups, 2’000 investors, hundreds of researchers and thousands of visitors. This is not just another conference – Slush is a startup-rave with the sole aim to make things happen.

Walking around Slush is an adventure: While exploring the trippy landscape of the enormous venue, among the many colourful neon lights, booths of giants like Amazon and Samsung and stages where founders pitched, discussed, and inspired, I found myself talking to startup CEOs, Forbes journalists and Venture Capitalists. I picked up insights and advice from world-class professionals – just because we happened to bump into one another at this fair of opportunities.

I have made friends, connections and I gained mentors so we can co-create and change the future. A week long immersion into the innovation ecosystem of Helsinki showed and taught me what is achievable when you dare to be bold, ambitious and persistent. And at the heart of it all: students.  They build one of the world’s biggest startup events, solely because they have the desire to do so, and put in the work to bring their vision to life, year after year.

From Slush’D Trondheim 2019.
From Slush’D Trondheim 2019.

Throughout this whole week I had one recurring thought: Why is this not happening in Norway? In our country, with all the resources, talent, and possibilities we have, ideas like the one that birthed Slush, remain just that – ideas. Thoughts that never get put into motion, ambition never brought to fruition. Until now.

We must empower our young, bright minds to be brave. To dare to forge their own path, innovate, build great companies and make an impact. Both in Norway and globally.

I will build an arena where we can do just that. With the support of the Slush Helsinki team I will build Trondheim Slush’D 2020 to be the prime founder-first event in Norway. 

I’m calling out to all founders, innovators, investors and game changers! Let’s shake things up together, right here in Trondheim!

This is a team effort. If you can and want to contribute just a tiny bit – from distributing newsletters to building stages for Elon’s of the future – then drop me a line at For more information, visit

About Slush’D Trondheim

Engage organized Trondheim Slush’D together with other partners of the ecosystem in September 2019. This first ever independent event of this kind follows the same mission as Slush but with the aim to connect and activate local tech startup ecosystems across Europe