NTNU Student Investor Day: 12 May 2023

Once again we are proud to invite the top 10 student-driven startups from NTNU to meet a selection of Norway’s foremost early phase investors.

By William Husby Hoven

Together with Sparebank 1 SMN and 6AM Accelerator we are glad to be able to repeat 2021 and 2022’s success; the NTNU Student Investor Day!

Every student-driven startup from NTNU are invited to apply for the event according to the application criteria listed below. Of the applicants, 10 startups are selected to attend the event where they will get to pitch their business idea and be a part of an intense speed-dating round with a selection of Norway’s foremost early phase investors.


12. May 2023

12:00 – 13:30: Introductions and pitching
13:30 – 13:45: Snack-break
13:45 – 15:30: Speed dating
15:30 – 18:30: Prize ceremony, food and drinks


Gruva, Oppredningen, NTNU Gløshaugen
Sem Sælands vei 1, 7034 Trondheim


3 minute pitching from startups.
8 minute speed dates between startups and investors.
Prize ceremony.
Mingling, food and drinks.


Student-driven startups from NTNU.
Norwegian early phase investors.


Total of 150.000 NOK!
Participation in the 6AM Accelerator program!

NTNU Student Investor Day is intentionally set to the same date as “Tech, Hugs & Rock’n Roll”. We hope that as many as possible of you will join us continuing the evening there, as we celebrate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Trondheim!

More info about Tech Hugs & Rock’n Roll can be found here:

Why NTNU Student Investor Day?

The goal of NTNU Student Investor Day is to create an arena for student-driven startups at NTNU to meet investors, and vice versa, so that we together can commercialise technology from NTNU. 

In doing so, we aim to facilitate for the startups to learn more about what investors look for. Even more so, we want to aid the startups to start a dialogue with investors early on – hoping that it will be a stepping stone for them to raise the capital needed to build a sustainable business.

NTNU Student Investor Day 2022 – Event recap from Engage Centre on Vimeo.


There are two award categories:

  • Best Business Concept
  • Sustainability Award

A total of 150.000 NOK will be awarded to the winners.

Additionally, one of the participating startups will automatically be accepted into the 6AM Accelerator program (valued at 120.000 NOK!)

Read more about 2021’s winner of best business concept,
Aviant’s, successful trip to Stage Two in Berlin here:


How to apply

Applications are sendt as a “3-pager” (pdf-format) where all elements listed below should be addressed. You choose yourself how the format and structure of the 3-pager are.

The deliverable should be maximum 3 pages – hence the name “3-pager”. We prefer that you write in Norwegian, but you may also write in English. Note that the event will be held in Norwegian.

Value proposition
Briefly, what is your business idea?
What value does your business idea offer to the market?

Who is behind the idea and why are you fit do succeed?

Which problem(s) do you aim to solve with your idea?

What is your concept, product or service?
What makes it unique, is it scalable, is it doable, is it new?

Customer and market analysis
Who is your customer, user, and what market need do you fulfill? How large is the market, who are the players in it, and how can you address it?

Business model and value chain analysis
What does your business model look like, and where do you place yourself in the value chain

What makes your idea more sustainable – either environmental, economical or socially – than others in the market.

Additionally, in the email with the application you will have to answer the following questions.

Question #1 (max 500 characters)
What new value will your business idea offer to the market?

Question #2 (max 500 characters)
Which sustainability goals does your startup address, and how?

Question #3 (max 500 characters)
Why is it important for your startup to meet investors right now?

Thus, the mail will answer the three questions above, and have one pdf with maximum 3 pages attached.

Applications are sent to henning.p.patricksson@ntnu.no before the 9th of April, 23:59.

Mark the subject of the mail with:
“NTNU Student Investor Day: [insert your startup’s name]”

Requirements for applying startups:
The majority of the team is required to be a registered student (Bachelor, Master) at NTNU.

The same startup can only attend NTNU Student Investor Day 2 times. If the startup applies for a third time, the application will not be considered.

You can find the event on Facebook here: