Nordtek Entrepreneurship Conference


Engage, The Centre for Excellence in Education, Engage, invites educators from all Nordic technical universities to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim for the annual Nordtek Entrepreneurship Conference. An informal conference where you can meet fellow educators, share ideas and experiences. Being held for the first time in Norway, the Nordtek Entrepreneurship Conference is a great opportunity for local industry to engage in developing change agent education for a better future.

12.00 – Welcome to NTNU and Engage
12:30 Keynote 1 – Industry Bård Benum (Powel) & Ståle Svenning (Trønderenergi)
13:10 Keynote 2 – Educator Martin Steinert (TrollLabs NTNU)
13:50 Keynote 3 – Researcher Per Blenker (Aarhus University)
14:30 Break
15:00 Working / Discussion groups
a) Entrepreneurship education Entrepreneurship education – Spark* NTNU Synne Marie Sollie
b) “Coworking” Rögnvaldur J. Sæmundsson (University of Iceland) and Marius Thorvaldsen (WorkWork)
16:00 Closing time
18:00 – Dinner

Engage will develop education for students from all disciplines and professions who will constantly challenge accepted truths and innovate for the better, in both private and public sectors. Engage is a consortium consisting of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, Nord University Business School, NTNU Experts in Teamwork, TrollLABS and Spark NTNU. These excellent educational programs are each characterized by learning in which students develop projects in the real world and reflect upon their processes. Students in these programs commit to engaging in their learning, taking responsibility for their own learning, and sharing knowledge within a learning community of fellow students, previous students and faculty. Engage will combine, develop and disseminate action-based learning, student-to-student learning, collaborative skills, rapid prototyping and student engagement. We will provide train-the-trainer courses and activities for students in all disciplines in order to increase the number of students in higher education with entrepreneurial skills.

NORDTEK is a network of the Rectors and Deans of the Technical Universities in the five Nordic countries. Membership requires that you have to have a background in advanced engineering up to the Master’s level and PhD in a technical research field. The members represent 27 universities, more than 120,000 students, teachers and researchers. The conference is free, but you will need to sign up here.