Innovation Forum 2017 Bodø

By Silje Olsen and Live Eriksen Larsen

The city of Bodø established in autumn 2017 an Innovation forum. This forum will act as a think thank with the aim to come up with ideas for strategic initiatives and actions that will contribute to building of a stronger culture for innovation and stimulate to increased innovation activity in public and private sector, as well as in society more broadly – locally and in the region. The forum had their first meeting on 29 August. Om December 8 they will present their recommendations for members of Bodø City Council.

Engage is contracted as part of the secretariat, where Iselin Mauseth works together with the director for business policy in Bodø Heidi Thommesen to facilitate the meetings in the Innovation Forum and to summarize and present its discussions and suggestions. Gry Agnete Alsos from Engage leads the Forum, appointed by the City Council of Bodø. The forum has eight members, mainly from the business sector:

Gry Agnete Alsos, Professor, Nord University/Engage

Børge Lund, Region Director, GK Norge AS

Trond Larsen, Senior Business Developer, Kysttele AS

Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden, Vice President of Communications, Bulk Infrastructure

Kjell Lorentzen, CEO Gigante Havbruk AS

Marianne Texmo, Entrepreneur, Gigtrigger AS

Anders Coucheron, Cirector Real Estate Development, Hundholmen Byutvikling AS

Malin Johnsen, Senior Consultant, Kunnskapsparken Bodø AS

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