I wish Bodø had this!

In the end of May there was a workshop at SPIR idélab in Bodø. Tom Steffensen from Bodø Science Park was responsible for the workshop. His job is to help students starting their own business.

Mona Meland and her group partner had an idea about a bus with a restaurant.

The workshops topic was: I wish Bodø had this! He expressed specific expectations that had to be met: the idea had to be realisticand they had to decide which one idea to pursue. They only got three hours to make an idea into a business case.

Steffensen started with different ideas about things that would be great to have in Bodø. Some of the ideas mentioned was a great tower down in the harbor of Bodø, a healthy fast food chain, cable car that could bring people to mountains, ice skating arena or an outdoor gym. He told the participants to consider other possibilities, products or chains that they would want to see in Bodø.

– The purpose of the workshops organized at SPIR is to make the students creative by thinking new and see opportunities. After brainstorming, the students are tasked to try creating a business case of the best ideas. My main goal is that the students should move on with the ideas and actually start the business, says Steffensen.

Foodilicious ideas to attract tourists

Salomé Hacquard presenting the idea of fresh food from the sea.

The participants worked in groups of two and two. They had some good ideas about food and how to attract more tourists to Bodø. One group had an idea about a bus-restaurant with a chef. To implement the idea, they would need investors for the bus and cooperate with other restaurants.

The second group was inspired by fresh food from the sea. They came up with an idea to create a fresh food market targeting people between 30 to 60 years old. They also thought about making partnership with tourist companies and create loyalty cards for the locals.

– Some of the ideas does exist in other cities, but there were also some ideas of products that I think does not exist anywhere. In previous workshops we have focused more specific issues such as tourism- and health, but this time the topic was broader, so I told the participants that it’s OK to steal ideas as long as you adapt it and make it your own, Steffensen finishes.  

Where do I find SPIR idélab?

SPIR idélab is a room for students and it’s possible for everyone to use it. The room can be used for meetings, assignments or just relaxing.

SPIR idélab in Mørkvedgården at the Police Academy. Engage keeps regularly events at SPIR for all the students at Nord university. More information about SPIR idea lab and workshops, check out the Facebook page.