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Bedriftssimulator: Inspire female entrepreneurs

Bedriftssimulator is a free program for all female students in Trondheim where you get the opportunity to learn more about how to start your own business.

By Tina Larsen

The program is initiated by Kvinneprosjektet and the overall goal is to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs. The first event was held on March the 4th, and the participants got a crash course on how to create good ideas and how to put together an effective team. This evening was the first of a total of four, and through this program the idea is to give the participants the necessary tools to become an entrepreneur. At the first evening of Bedriftssimulator 60 female students from different fields of study attended.

“I, the initiator behind the project, created Kvinneprosjektet because we discovered that there were very few female idea holders when I worked at Spark* NTNU“, Elise Maria Irgens said. At Spark* NTNU, she and Vetle Øien did a qualitative and quantitative data gathering to measure idea holders learning outcomes. As they did this they were determined to have equal representation of both genders, but discovered that this was difficult because of the few female idea holders.

There were almost no female idea holders in Spark* NTNU. When I saw the numbers, it dawned on me that it was a pretty obvious problem.

Elise Maria Irgens at Bedriftssimulator / Photo by Scott Bekke
Elise Maria Irgens at Bedriftssimulator / Photo by Scott Bekke

A project is created

She applied for funding from Engage to launch an initiative with the purpose of getting more female students to become idea holders. Together with Selma Selbak and Silje Granås, they created Kvinneprosjektet. Their goal is to inspire girls to invest in innovation and entrepreneurship. They had their first kick-off event the 1st of November 2019 were they got positive feedbacks and a warm welcome from girls representing different fields of study. Bedriftssimulator is their second event.

Photo by Scott Bekke

Engaging participants

Several of the participants at Bedriftssimulator expressed their interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the will to learn more about the innovation process such as having an idea and launching it into the market, as part of the motivation for attending the event. Some are also driven to do something about the current gender statistics, as they are passionate about equality. 

Kvinneprosjektet are sponsored and supported by DNB. They also have a close cooperation with both Engage and Spark* NTNU. You can follow Kvinneprosjektets Facebook-page here.