A new hub for innovation

Over the Christmas break, the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) has moved to a new location at Campus Gløshaugen. Going from Gamle Fysikk to the building known as Oppredningen is a giant leap for NTNU who can now gather the innovation ecosystem to create more synergies. Together with the student organizations FRAM, Spark*, Start and Designhjelpen, NSE will be joined with NTNUs brand new Innovation Hub run by Prorectors staff for Innovation. The team behind the  Experts in Teams courses will also be joining from June on the third floor. 

Engage-partners Spark, Experts in Teams and the School of Entrepreneurship have received a good amount of space for their operations with NSE having the two top floors, 4th and 5th, EiT has the 3rd floor and Spark has the plurality of the 2nd floor where they sit next to the other volunteer organizations.

Innovation Hub

While there will be many people under the roof at Oppredningen the absolute biggest roof will be given to what is known as the innovation hub. One can only imagine that this major space that used to be a workshop for material technology will be used for events, workshops and daily activities by both students, faculty and others who want to involve themselves in NTNUs innovation eco-system. The innovation hub is planned to be completed over the course of the summer break of 2020.

On a national level, the expansion will have an impact on the development of the entrepreneurship sphere throughout the country. NTNU is one of the major hot spots for new ventures and both the hub and the surrounding parts of the eco-system will have a higher potential with this addition.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has got a brand new office space

Photos: Peter Fistonic/Spark* NTNU

A grand opening

On January 31st the new office space of the School of Entrepreneurship was officially opened. Speeches from the involved parties like Institute Leader Marielle Christiansen and University Lector and Elise Irgens from NSE commended NTNU Eiendom for their work during the last few months. From planning to completion the process was swift and rarely have so many involved parties been happy with the result.

Present were also students from NSE who gave their thanks to the involved parties with the leader of Solan Linjeforening, the students association of NSE, Tord Standnes at the front. Gamle Fysikk was the building where NSE was previously located. Its janitor and cleaning personell were thanked for their patience, cooperation and work.

Spark* Co-working

The increased space means that all the organizations have more space. For Spark* at NTNU it will mean a whole new level of guiding their start-ups. Before the start-ups usually met at events like Join A Startup Night or workshops, but now they will be able to work together from day to day at Sparks brand new co-working space on the 2nd floor. The co-working space will be open to all start-ups that are mentored by Spark*. Spark* manager Vetle Krogstad is very pleased to have the possibility to invite the student start-up to Oppredningen:

Our new space will be a major factor towards increasing the activity of student startups at NTNU. Now the students will be able to have a place to work from at the University on similar terms as students at the School of Entrepreneurship. We know that students usually learn together and from each other and peer to peer learning is very impactful in these settings. We hope the new co-working space will be well used.

The co-working space will most likely open in March of 2020 and lots of activity from contractors is bound to be heard at Oppredningen as Spark* prepares to become what they have wanted for many years. For now Spark* provides the same service as before but from Oppredningen instead of Gamle Fysikk. Mentoring, workshops and courses are being held at FRAM in the 1st floor and at the Spark* offices on the 2nd floor.

Soon we can finally offer what our mentees have been asking for for years. Our service to NTNUs students will consist of the mentoring service, courses, workshops, events and now our own co-working space. Perhaps we should start calling ourselves an incubator.

Engage would like to thank all the people involved in the process and welcome you to visit our partners at Oppredningen. When the entire building is done there will be an official opening.

Vetle Krogstad is the manager of Spark* NTNU

Photo: Marcus Balcon/Spark* NTNU

Photos and featured photo by Peter Fistonic/Spark* NTNU