A leader in commercialization of technology education: North California State University

By Simen Ludvigsen

Professor Steve Barr is coming to Trondheim next weekend to attend the VCP-conference

“We teach teams of graduate MBAs and masters and doctoral STEM students in all disciplines how to create high tech, high growth new business startups”, says Barr with excitement.

The Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization program (TEC) at North Carolina State University are working with technology from the 16 universities of North Carolina including the U.S. Navy, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Department of Defense.

“We have had over 500 students complete the program, creating dozens of new businesses startups employing over 450 people and raising $450 million U.S. dollars. Our process is also used by multiple universities worldwide as well as business organizations to drive their entrepreneurship management efforts”.

Commercialization of Technology Pedagogy

Steve Barr will be speaking about Tech Transfer offices and VCP collaboration. He argues for increasing importance of providing graduate students with skills in technology entrepreneurship and the commercialization of technology.

According to Mr. Barr, the TEC program at North Carolina State University is designed to bridge this gap between the creation of technologies and the commercialization of these technologies.

Steve has used 14 years to develop ways to teach commercialisation of technology and has adapted his techniques through collaborations on four continents. We look forward to hearing him share some of his insights at the Forum. 

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