A creative space for innovational thinking

Photo: Inger Wassmo


Incubators, social events and proximity to faculty teachers makes SPIR Idélab a great place for students engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In September the new SPIR Idélab officially opened at Nord University in Bodø. According to Bjørg Riibe Ramskjell, project leader in Engage, the aim is for it to become a natural meeting place for all students who are curious about or interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. They’ve made a creative space for students to meet up, organize events or just hang out.

– We hope the SPIR-room will be used by the students, not only for planned events. We also want it to be a low key place to hang out and meet other people with common interests, Ramskjell says.

Events will be posted on the SPIR Facebook page, but as Ramskjell says; feel free to drop in.

A wide range of possibilities

The SPIR-room is fairly new, but there’s already a lot of ideas circulating for the usage of the room.

– Right now we’re working on furnishing the room, making it inspiring and encouraging for innovational thinking. We want to get some regular events going for students to attend on a regular basis, like the upcoming workshop on health and care the 18th october, Ramskjell says.

Socializing is important, and low-key is a recurring expression when talking about SPIR Idélab’s future development. There’s a wide range of event possibilities: from low-key events like movie nights, just for socializing and meeting new people sharing your interests for innovation, to bigger events supported by the industry.

Representatives from the co-workers using SPIR-idélab. From the left: Ørjan Pettersen, Maiken Nilsen Stensaker,  Iselin Mauseth and Tom Steffensen.

Project leader for Inspir project, Tom Steffensen, from Kunnskapsparken Bodø (Bodø Science Park), also emphasizes a low key approach.

– SPIR Idélab and the activities hosted here are low key and without obligations. We want to make it easier to start your own business, and motivate students to think about entrepreneurship.

Students, startups and subject teachers gathered

SPIR Idélab is located in Mørkvedgården in Bodø, with the student organization START Nord and Engage. There could not have been a better location for it.

– Everyone from the entrepreneurship and innovation divison at Nord University is located in Mørkvedgården. SPIR Idélab is in the same hallway as the faculty and teachers, so it’s a short way for the students to get support and guidance, Ramskjell says.

Not only is SPIR Idélab a meeting place; it will also be possible for startups to rent office space at the loft, which is meant to be a student incubator. A great opportunity for students with a startup business.

– It’s low-threshold, and we would love to have more startups moving in to “Loftet” (the Loft). There’s a startup planning to moving in, and other student startups in need of office spaces should not hesitate to get in touch.

To get in touch with Engage about SPIR, the student incubator “Loftet” or other things regarding startup activities, please contact Cecilie Haukland or Bjørg Riibe Ramskjell