Travelogue: Snowroller in Finland

By Eva Røgler and Linnea Tveraaen

Linnea and Eva, both students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, recently visited Turku in Finland because of their startup Snowroller. The main purpose of the trip was to promote their startup, and in that context, they were invited to attend the winter student festival called Pikkulaskiainen in Turku. The team has been sponsoring the event in advance, and was offered promotion at the physical event. The event hosts wore the ski suits on stage in front of 10 000 students. Linnea and Eva also visited Finland because of their international expansion. The girls wanted to get to know the Finish market, and as the event was for students, it was a good place to talk to the Finish students and learn more about their shopping habits.

Linnea and Eva were invited to visit the University of Turku in order to learn more about how they work with entrepreneurship, and also share their knowledge and experience about how the master’s program in Norway is arranged. The day started with a visit to Boost, a startup accelerator and co-working space for students. Their accelerator program has generated 80+ companies since 2012 and has been proclaimed as one of the best startup accelerator programs in Finland. Secondly, the students took part in the Startup Course at the University of Turku where they wore challenged to pitch their startup, and participated in a panel, giving the students in the course feedback on their business ideas.

They also got to talk to one of the startups called CUITU, which could help the team with sustainable textile production. The day ended with an interview with the University newspaper. After this trip, the team has gained a broader knowledge about their target audience in Finland which will be useful when marketing towards this geographical market. The team has established contact with several relevant people, from people that can help find investors to potential customers. In addition, the University was interested in learning about the innovation ecosystem at NTNU and the girls got the impression that they wore inspired by the practical approach of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship.

Thank you for having us, Finland!