Travelogue: Metaito at Slush

By Svenn-Helge Vatne


It’s nearly 10 am in late november, and just as cold as in Norway. We’re about to enter a building which at first seems inconspicuous, but that expands into an enormous cave of light, people and a deep rumbling sound. It’s hard to not be taken with awe and wonder. This is huge, of a scale we’ve never experienced. It’s seemingly where all the people have gathered for the next couple days.


It’s Slush Helsinki, the leading startup event in the world.


During our stay we got to meet many interesting people, including other startup founders, investors and volunteers. At one of the first social events we came to meet people launching satellites into space and others that were “more on our level”. Even though people were on different stages of their startups it was possible to talk to anyone. It was an interesting environment where we got to learn a lot, and maybe even help some people with insights and ideas. We went to talks and several events, but we found that the most valuable parts were often the random encounters with interesting people. From this experience we have learned a lot from the volunteering community that drives the Slush event and other startup initiatives, such as incubators and hackathons.

We have pitched our own product more than ever before and we have gotten to know some great people. Going to Slush was a great experience that was much more than the official agenda presented on the website. We have been inspired and we’re ready to keep on going.

You can see a video by Metaito from Finland below.

Pictures by Svenn-Helge Vatne.


Metaito at Slush