The Blast of the Week

Nord University is growing rapidly, and with that follows new activities and courses.  

Students in Master of Science in Business can this week enjoy the event The Blast of Week. It’s an ongoing course which will end Friday 28th where they will have an exam to represent their work.

The course is new with focus on experience-based learning. The Blast of Week is the second gathering of the course, and there are between 60 to 80 students working on four different cases in groups; welfare technology, Iris, Gildeskål harbour and Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge.

Five intense days

The course started on monday 24 september and ends with an exam on friday 28 september. The groups are working with

GROUPWORK: Ugochi Okoroafor, Mesbah Uddin Suruj, Daniel Thomassen and Emilie Ulvin Pedersen is working on a case where they have to find a new way to work in a bank.

tasks around their subject. It is five intense days with work, and they have been visiting some of the places where their subject staying at.

One of the students, Daniel Thomassen, is working on the bank-case related to Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge. He got some thoughts about the case.
– We are trying to find a new way to work in a bank, a more proactive way. Our main focus is how to merge digital banking with personal banking, he says.

.Another group is working with the garbage company in Bodø, Iris. After they visited the construction site, Ananna Das was surprised to see how they handle all the garbage.

GARBAGE-CASE: Anders Thoresen, Sandip Thapa, Ananna Das and Raymond Hansen is working on a case about the energy in garbage construction.

– I think it was a bit weird to see all the waste in there. I have never actually thought about where the waste ends up when you throw it.