VCP Forum 2020 (POSTPONED)




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The next Venture Creation Program (VCP) Forum will be held in Buckingham, England, 6-8 October 2020. At this event, both lecturers and students will attend. Some topics for the forum are areas for collaborative research, student recruitment, alumni involvement, industry and incubator relations, curriculum, and synergies between startups and coursework.


The VCP Forum is an annual seminar with the leading institutions teaching entrepreneurship through venture creation. By sharing and developing best practices and methods within entrepreneurship education, we can meet, learn from each other, and continue to evolve.

A VCP, or venture creation program is an academic program where starting a new venture is an essential part of the curriculum. Students come together to form new ventures in order to educate themselves in a practical and hands-on manner. This gives students the tools and mindset to become change agents in society, either as founders in their own start-ups or in other roles.

VCPs contrast themselves to similar programs because the ventures that are created have an intention to incorporate. In other words, the ventures are not a part of any classroom simulation but a real-life future business with collaboration agreements, supplier and customer contracts. 

Universities like Chalmers, NC State, and NTNU feature several departments within STEM and are among the leading researching institutions in their countries. When researchers create new technologies but are for some reason unable to follow their ‘babies’, the students at a VCP can act as surrogate entrepreneurs. Research shows that this is an effective way of incorporating new technology in society and has many things to offer the world.

NTNU has been teaching through VCP for 17 years. In that time 140 companies have been established, and in 2019 these companies had a turnover of NOK 500 million.

In 2018 NTNU hosted the VCP Forum with  great success

Last year we visited North Carolina State University

Core Partners

The core partners is a network of universities that follow the VCP-mindset and share an interest in working together to improve their programs and research. At the Forum other universities are sometimes invited, but the intention is to keep the number of involved parties low because the interaction between students, educators and researchers is better when there are familiar faces around.

Want to know more about VCP Forum?

Underneath you can read an interview with Even Haug Larsen, assistant professor at NTNU, who is a project manager for VCP Forum and a lecturer at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Additionally, you can read our travelogue from when we were in Buckingham, the location for VCP Forum 2020. If you want to look at a student's perspective you can read the travelogue some of our students wrote after participating at VCP Forum 2019 at North Carolina State University.