Collaborative Student Challenge 2020

Local final March 16th
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The winner of Babson Challenge 2019

GreenStock won the local Babson Challenge for NTNU.

GreenStock is a digital platform that helps facilitate the reuse of building materials within construction companies.

Norskin won the local Babson Challenge for Nord University.

Norskin aims at making sustainable arctic leather from fish. 


Do you have a business idea that contributes to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Submit your idea, and join The Babson Student Challenge today!

This challenge gives you the possibility to win 40 hours of salary on working on your own business idea, as well as a mentor helping you along the way preparing for the global final.

The local winners from NTNU and Nord University get to join the global challenge and compete for a 2-week full scholarship at Babson Build in July 2020 included room, board and airplane tickets.

Submission deadline is March 9th

Who can participate?

 Teams of three to five bachelor- or master students from NTNU or Nord University.

Babson Challenge Local Final

Local winner: 40 hours of salary to work on your own business idea, a mentor to help you along the way, and a chance to compete in the global final.

Present your business idea to the local final panel in Trondheim, March 16th. The panel selects the best business concept. One from NTNU and one from Nord University. The winning teams get the chance to compete in the global challenge, as well as 40 hours of paid time to work on the idea with the help of our mentors.

Submission deadline: March 9th

Babson Challenge Global Final

Global winner: two-week full scholarship at Babson Build

If you win the local final in Trondheim March 16th, you and your teammates get to present your business idea to the global final panel. The global final will take place in April. The presentation will be done over webcam and you will compete against other teams from all over the globe. The winner of the global final gets a two-week trip to Wellesley, Massachusetts (USA) to attend Babson Build, the world’s #1 recognized institution for Entrepreneurship education.

Room, board and airplane tickets are included.


Submit up to 10 slides in Norwegian or English that describe your business idea. The idea must be relevant to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The slides should also describe the following:

  • The problem and its relationship to the UN sustainability goal(s) being addressed
  • The venture opportunity
  • Who the customer is, the target market and the market size
  • The value proposition
  • How the business can make revenue
  • The social impact
  • What actions have been taken to validate or test the idea
  • What are the next steps

It is sufficient to have an idea you want to develop further. We are happy to help you with the requirements and guide you.
Contact Camilla at email:

For NTNU students: Spark NTNU is a guidance service for students with an idea. The guides are students with experience from turning ideas into startups.

For Nord University students: Guidance is available by the Engage staff ( and Tom Steffensen at Spir idélab, send a message through the facebook page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us: