Nominated to best paper award at the 3E Conference

Today, Iselin Kristine Mauseth is a PhD student at the Engage center at Nord University. She started her PhD in August 2017 and got nominated to the best paper award at the 3E-conference in May 2018. She has also visited Babson College this spring to collect data for further research.

It all started with a bachelor’s degree in Business, followed by the Master of Science in Business at Nord University, before she started a PhD at the Engage center.

FEEDBACK: Iselin got a lot of positive feedback on her presentation.

Iselin received an e-mail stating that her research paper “Team formation in student led ventures” was nominated to the best paper award. At first, she could not believe it, but suddenly she was in Enschede, The Netherlands on our national day presenting her research to all the participants at the 3E-conference. Her article investigates the team formation process of new venture teams established in an entrepreneurship education program, and how the program influence the team dynamics, team roles and commitment.
The whole experience was both exciting and nervous, but it was incredibly educational. I received a lot of positive feedback after the presentation, she says.


Babson College
Babson College is one of the leading schools for entrepreneurship in the world. The college is mainly a business school, but with a focus on entrepreneurship and a well-functioning ecosystem for entrepreneurship. Their goal is to educate students that are capable to meet the futures challenge. Further, Iselin is telling us that Nord University have a close relationship with Babson College and that they have two visiting professors, Andrew Corbett and Candida Brush, from Babson visiting Nord University a couple of times a year.

– Andrew Corbett is also my supervisor, and I am really happy that he have provided me with the opportunity to collect data from one of the pioneers within Entrepreneurship Education, Babson College, she says.

NOMINATED: Iselin K. Mauseth got nominated to the best paper award at the 3E-conference in May 2018.

In June, Iselin travelled to Boston to visit Babson College’s  summer venture program, a 10-week intensive summer program for Babson students working on their own business. During that visit, Iselin got the chance to interview the students about their startups and observing them engaging in the summer program. This is going to be included in her further research about student entrepreneurship.

Iselin is grateful to be part of  the incredible Engage team, and that Engage have given her a lot of exciting possibilities.


Authors: Silje Olsen E and Live Eriksen Larsen