Engage Talks – new digital concept from Engage

Engage talk is new concept on Facebook that Engage is trying out. The concept is a digital series in the field of entrepreneurship where we highlight current topics that can be useful for professionals, experts and businesses. The goal is to connect these different actors.

Engage talks is held in norwegian

Engage Talk 3: Team

The theme for the fourth talk was team; “virtual team – how can we succeed?” The entrepreneur Stina Skånhoff (one of the founders of Seacirc) together with doctoral students Maiken Spjelkevik and Sigrid Brandshaug from NTNU were the guests of the talk. Mette Mari Johnsen was the moderator. They talked about what characterizes a startup team, and how you can succeed in a virtual team – that is highly relevant these days because of the corona epidemic.
The talk was held on the 14th of May, you can find it here:

Engage Talk: Health

The theme for the third talk was health; “vital innovation”. Health entrepreneur and nurse Vårin Vaskinn (one of the founders of Vilje Bionics) together with the doctoral students Gunn-Berit Neergård and Alexandra Bieliei at NTNU were the guests of the talk. The moderator was Eirik Medbø. They talked about what innovation in healthcare is and discussed why it is so important.
The talk was held on the 30th of April, you can find it here:

Engage Talk 2: Culture

The theme for the second talk was culture; “shock digitalizing in the cultural industry”. Songwriter Caroline Ailin and standup comedian Kevin Kildal were the guests of the talk and discussed the topic with moderator Ben Toscher. They talked about how the corona epidemic has affected their work life and culture in general – and how culture can exist “online”. The talk was held on the 16th of April, you can find it here:

Engage Talk 1: Uncertainty

The first talk was held on the 2nd of April on our Facebook page, and the theme for the talk was uncertainty; “how do entrepreneurs handle a world that is turned upside down?” The entrepreneurs Mariell Israelsen (the founder of No14) and Marie Jacobsen Lauvås (the founder of Capeesh) were the guests of the talk, together with professor Gry Agnete Alsos at Nord University. Dag Håkon Haneberg was the moderator. They discussed how uncertainty can become an opportunity and how you can facilitate to find these opportunities and take advantage of them.