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How to become an entrepreneur in a week

This book is written for these teachers, program managers and university administrators. By reading this book, they will learn how eleven other European universities decided to solve this task and learn from their experiences.
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18th December 2020

The entrepreneurial nurse

Global healthcare needs continuous quality improvement, increased efficiency and enhanced safety for patients and employees. Entrepreneurial nurses may create useful and applicable solutions to these challenges. By exploring new ideas, nurses may create value for society, saving lives while they’re at it.
29th September 2020
The team at Spark Chalmers

Spark* goes international

Spark* NTNU was established in 2014, but 2019 was the year the organization took its most significant steps so far. The organization provides mentoring and an entrepreneurial network within the ecosystem at the university and courses with industry professionals. .
Educators, Research, Student
5th May 2020


The 3E Conference or the ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference will be hosted by NTNU and Engage in Trondheim on 13-15 May, 2020.
5th May 2020

The first doctoral thesis from Engage

After four years of working with his PhD thesis, Torgeir Aadland is ready to defend his thesis “Assessment of Entrepreneurship Education: Design, Learning and Objectives”.
5th May 2020