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The inner changemaker – a personal story

Through my studies at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, my inner changemaker got “smashed under a bulldozer” and then empowered into a core of who I am. The Bosnia war was at its worst when I was a small kid. Through the news, sharing horrible and heartbreaking...

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Entrepreneurship education under the wings

Entrepreneurship education on site may be a long-lasting lesson; either it is a visit to a Spanish aviation company or to a Norwegian salmon farm. I’m at Valencia Airport, but I am not finding myself in a stressed security queue or at an overpriced fast food...

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Alumni with entrepreneurial attitude

If entrepreneurship is an attitude, the faculty of EDEM Escuela de Empresarios surely knows how to share this attitude with their students! The classroom is buzzing as ice-cold bottles of brand new cola is distributed to the fifty-five students attending the Monday...

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Teaching entrepreneurship in Japan

Tokyo is well-known for being one of the world’s most famous tech-capitals, in the heart of Japan, home of multinational businesses such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nintendo and Canon. So, how is entrepreneurship being taught so that even more successful ventures are created?

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A multicultural view on the smart city

What is the learning outcome when millennials from different countries and cultural backgrounds discuss how to develop new technology for a better tomorrow? This August I was lucky to be accepted as one of 40 international, ambitious students to join the STeLA...

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Musicians can also be entrepreneurs

Benjamin Toscher believes that musicians make great entrepreneurs. Now, he’s trying to teach musicians how to move from a mind-set of asking “what do I do?”, to one of “I know what to try”.

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