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Travelogue 5: Co-working Spaces in Boston

In their last travelogue, Ingrid and Martine write about co-working spaces in Boston. Evidently, you can find co-working spaces where you can also do yoga and indoor rock climbing! After this, Ingrid and Martine are travelling back to Norway to finish their master’s thesis.

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15 Years With More Than New Ventures – May Edition II

The fourth presentation in our series of master’s theses contains three theses that all have implications for policy makers. The authors in this round all wanted to explore topics that could help entrepreneurs, teachers and facilitators to be better in their work....

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15 Years With More Than New Ventures – May Edition I

At the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we have a saying that ‘we are cowboys riding on the edge of the unknown’. While the origin of the quote or saying is a bit disputed, its meaning still stand strong among the students and faculty. For this third presentation of...

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Travelogue 4: Meetups in Boston

Read about the cool networking events for entrepreneurs Ingrid and Martine recommend when in Boston! In this travelogue, they also explain why networking is a fun and important part of being an entrepreneur.

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Startup of the month: Dropracks

Excellent engineering, a well-orchestrated business plan, and the ability to meet consumer needs resulted in Dropracks to be appointed as the startup of the month of May 2018.

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The NTNU signature course

Through experienced-based learning the students are to get a meta perspective on interdisciplinary teamwork. But what makes Experts in Teamwork so valuable?

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