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Engage annual report, 2018

Want to learn more about whats been going on in Engage for the past year? The 2018 report is now available!

Travelogue – Boston and Babson College

By Lars Henrik Hafstad Karlsson, Nord University I am Lars Henrik Hafstad Karlsson, a third year economy student at Nord University. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and for me it’s not about if I should start a company but rather when I am going to start my...

Travelouge – Trip to the UK to explore VCPs

Students from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and faculty went to the UK a couple of weeks ago to explore and visit universities that implements programs in entrepreneurship in their degrees. Read about their trip to Cambridge, UCL, University of Buckingham and Coventry University.

The Journey to a more sustainable world

The Climate-KIC Journey is the world’s largest climate innovation summer school offering transformative learning and hands-on business experience. Engage will for the forth year be a part of the project.

Highly acclaimed entrepreneurship award to NTNU

Marius Tuft Mathisen at NTNU won The Heizer Dissertation Award for his research within the field of entrepreneurship. This is the oldest and most prestigious dissertation award emerging scholars in the management field can win. Associate Professor Marius Tuft Mathisen...

The inner changemaker – a personal story

Through my studies at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, my inner changemaker got “smashed under a bulldozer” and then empowered into a core of who I am. The Bosnia war was at its worst when I was a small kid. Through the news, sharing horrible and heartbreaking...

Entrepreneurship education under the wings

Entrepreneurship education on site may be a long-lasting lesson; either it is a visit to a Spanish aviation company or to a Norwegian salmon farm. I’m at Valencia Airport, but I am not finding myself in a stressed security queue or at an overpriced fast food...

An evening of Inspiration with START

Wednesday 31th of October, the student organization START Nord at Nord university had an evening of inspiration arranged for students who wants to start up their own business. START is an important collaboration partner for Engage, and together we work to inspire...

Alumni with entrepreneurial attitude

If entrepreneurship is an attitude, the faculty of EDEM Escuela de Empresarios surely knows how to share this attitude with their students! The classroom is buzzing as ice-cold bottles of brand new cola is distributed to the fifty-five students attending the Monday...

Teaching entrepreneurship in Japan

Tokyo is well-known for being one of the world’s most famous tech-capitals, in the heart of Japan, home of multinational businesses such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nintendo and Canon. So, how is entrepreneurship being taught so that even more successful ventures are created?

Learning entrepreneurship by being an entrepreneur

Since the very beginning, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has educated tomorrow’s leaders. This year they celebrate its 15th anniversary. – We always say that NTNU should be a university that is hard to get admitted to. NTNU School of Entrepreneurship...

The Blast of the Week

Nord University is growing rapidly, and with that follows new activities and courses.   Students in Master of Science in Business can this week enjoy the event The Blast of Week. It’s an ongoing course which will end Friday 28th where they will have an exam to...

Nominated to best paper award at the 3E Conference

Today, Iselin Kristine Mauseth is a PhD student at the Engage center at Nord University. She started her PhD in August 2017 and got nominated to the best paper award at the 3E-conference in May 2018. She has also visited Babson College this spring to collect data for...

A multicultural view on the smart city

What is the learning outcome when millennials from different countries and cultural backgrounds discuss how to develop new technology for a better tomorrow? This August I was lucky to be accepted as one of 40 international, ambitious students to join the STeLA...

Musicians can also be entrepreneurs

Benjamin Toscher believes that musicians make great entrepreneurs. Now, he’s trying to teach musicians how to move from a mind-set of asking “what do I do?”, to one of “I know what to try”.

Second place in Babson Challenge

A new startup at Nord university in Bodø, Seacirc, shared second place with another business at Babson Challenge 2018. They are an environmental consultant company that will provide their clients with the tools on how to go plastic free.   Stina Skånhoff and Marilena...

I wish Bodø had this!

In the end of May there was a workshop at SPIR idélab in Bodø. Tom Steffensen from Bodø Science Park was responsible for the workshop. His job is to help students starting their own business. The workshops topic was: I wish Bodø had this! He expressed...

Travelogue 5: Co-working Spaces in Boston

In their last travelogue, Ingrid and Martine write about co-working spaces in Boston. Evidently, you can find co-working spaces where you can also do yoga and indoor rock climbing! After this, Ingrid and Martine are travelling back to Norway to finish their master’s thesis.

15 Years With More Than New Ventures – May Edition II

The fourth presentation in our series of master’s theses contains three theses that all have implications for policy makers. The authors in this round all wanted to explore topics that could help entrepreneurs, teachers and facilitators to be better in their work....

15 Years With More Than New Ventures – May Edition I

At the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we have a saying that ‘we are cowboys riding on the edge of the unknown’. While the origin of the quote or saying is a bit disputed, its meaning still stand strong among the students and faculty. For this third presentation of...

Travelogue 4: Meetups in Boston

Read about the cool networking events for entrepreneurs Ingrid and Martine recommend when in Boston! In this travelogue, they also explain why networking is a fun and important part of being an entrepreneur.

Startup of the month: Dropracks

Excellent engineering, a well-orchestrated business plan, and the ability to meet consumer needs resulted in Dropracks to be appointed as the startup of the month of May 2018.

The NTNU signature course

Through experienced-based learning the students are to get a meta perspective on interdisciplinary teamwork. But what makes Experts in Teamwork so valuable?

Travelogue 3: Boston University

Ingrid and Martine write about their magical summer at Boston University in a ten week accelerated entrepreneurship program through Gründerskolen!

Get Ready for JASUN

For the fifth time, Spark arranges Join A Startup-night(JASUN). At JASUN, students can find a startup to join and mingle to meet others that are interested in innovation.

Startup of the month: Apolonia Agrotech

In the long run they want robots to grow our food. Until then Martin Apolonia Årdal and the rest of Apolonia Agrotech wants to grow food in water instead of soil.

15 years with more than new ventures – February Edition

In this second presentation of master’s theses from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we span over the last ten years and have found three theses that have had a close connection to the faculty’s research. Two of them include topics that have interested and been...

eduROV Summer School

High school students are invited to build an underwater vehicle based on a design from NTNU during a two week summer school.

What defines entrepreneuring?

Teachers from secondary schools in the Nordland County was introduced to creative entrepreneurship in education by Engage.

What’s an incubator?

In the world of business, an incubator can be the essential element towards making it with your startup, instead of breaking it.

The Future Hospital Operating Rooms

Technology and medicine students at NTNU are brought together in a workshop to find out how the future hospital operating rooms should look like.

15 years with more than new ventures

Although NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) has bred forth numerous new ventures, tech development in world class, and graduates with extensive knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, its students are also presenting academic work with high standards. Through...

Get engaged with Engage

We have the power and will to change your way of study, influence the teaching methods and connect you with the market labour and everyday life that is to come.

Alumni Startup: Connect LNG

– It’s an industry with a lot of well experienced people with big companies, and there we were, five whippersnappers straight out of school.

A travelogue from Germany

Two students from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship traveled to Germany, to participate in the world’s largest fair for rehabilitation and care, called Rehacare. This is their travelogue from the fair.

UKA Technology Conference

UKA is one of Norway’s biggest cultural festival and primarily run by volunteering students in Trondheim. For the first time, an event dedicated to innovation was incorporated in the festival program: UKA Technology Conference!

Nordtek Entrepreneurship Conference

Engage, The Centre for Excellence in Education, Engage, invites educators from all Nordic technical universities to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim for the annual Nordtek Entrepreneurship Conference.

The Journey 2017

One of the projects Engage have been working with for the last weeks is The Journey, Europe’s largest summer school for climate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship to meet the challenges of the future

In future, an entrepreneurial mindset and creative problem-solving will be important traits needed to solve new and more complex challenges. This is what Engage – Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship will be focusing on.